4 DIY Dog Houses With Shade Porches Free Plans

DIY Dog House With Shade Porch Plans;
A Good Dog House:
Is large enough to fit your dog comfortably, they must be able to turn around with enough space
Provides adequate ventilation for either warm or cold seasons
Has good insulation for colder seasons and climates (see below for ideas)
Has a wind partition for cooler climates
Is easy to clean via a removable or hinged roof
Sets up off the ground
Is built of non-toxic materials in places a dog might be able to chew

Minimum Dog House Sizes:
Highest point of roof = top of dog's ears + 5 inches
Lowest point of roof = top of dog's shoulders + 5
Width and length = dog from nose to tail + 14 inches
Your dog must be able to turn around comfortably inside.
Keep in mind if you have a younger dog it may grow

Types of insulation could be anything that adds a solid extra layer.
Foam board
Sprayed in foam
Used carpeting or carpet pad
Old quilts/thick blankets
If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors make sure the house is warm enough in winter. No animal should be left outside in cold temperatures!
All animals must have fresh food and water at all times.
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